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Year 1

IPC – Time Detectives

For our entry point the children became detectives for the day, we posed the question of what is a detective? The children suggested ideas that they are someone that finds clues, they investigate things and they could be a policeman. The children then became detectives and went digging for clues in the sand. They found a variety of items such as old coins, keys, old mobile phones and Egyptian sarcophagus and cassette tapes. 



During Autumn 1, the children in year 1 will be focusing on the Power of Reading text '’10 Things I Can Do To Help My world’ by Melanie Walsh. The text is about how we can all make small changes to our lives to help our world. This term we will be focusing on organising our ideas into sentences, using adjectives and verbs to make our sentences more interesting and using correct punctuation.



This half term in maths we will be focusing on place value, the children will be focusing on how they can sort and order objects and numbers according to a variety of properties for example shape and colour. They will also be learning to count forward and backwards from any given number using number lines and also putting numbers in order. They will also be introduced to the concept of greater than and less than and they will be comparing numbers and groups of objects. 



Our science topic this half term is Animals Including Humans. As part of this topic, we will be learning about how to classify different animans and seeing the differenced and similarities in them. We will be carrying out a scientific investigation base on the classification of different animals.



Just to remind you that homework is sent out on Monday to be returned to school each Thursday for marking.  The ‘menu’ type homework allows children to choose which homework they would like to do each week based on what subject’s interests them the most.  Please date the menu to show which homework has been completed each week.


Reading Records are to be in school every day whether your child has read or not, this is so we can record any comments that we may have during Guided Reading sessions. Reading books may be changed daily if the Reading Records have been signed by an adult to show a book has been read. All Reading Records are checked on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to ensure that children are reading regularly at home.  Online books can also be accessed on ‘Bug Club’ through the Active Learn website.

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